About RenTheView

Why do we exist

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring architecture/cityscape photographers access to places with outstanding and/or unusual views. Instead of searching on Instagram for owners of these places and hoping they will respond (and agree) to your request - you can easily book access via RenTheView.


Hi! I'm Dawid - founder of RenTheView. A few years ago I lived in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on the 27th floor with an amazing cityscape view. I was often receiving messages on Instagram from photographers who wanted to come and take photos from my place.

"Hi! You have an amazing view! Would it be possible if I come to take pictures from your balcony?"

As an architecture & cityscape photographer myself, I started doing the same. I was trying to find other people who live in high rise apartments with nice views and would be willing to let me in so I can take photos of the city. Unfortunately, it's not that easy.

That's why I came up with an idea to create RenTheView. I decided to build a platform which helps photographers find new locations for taking cityscape photos.

So... do you have a nice view?