How it works?

Learn what's RenTheView all about

Do you have a nice view from your apartment? Such as from high up in a skyscraper or from lower buildings but looking directly towards iconic buildings/landmarks? RenTheView is for you!

Become a host and earn money by publishing your view on RenTheView.

This is a platform for photographers to find new places to take cityscape photos from.

If you'll add your view it will become available for photographers to book on an hourly basis (for a price specified by you). You will then start receiving booking requests for specific date, time and duration (usually 1 - 2 hours). If you accept such request, a photographer will come to take pictures of the city from your place. You don’t need to do anything besides welcoming your guest on a specified date and time. You can, of course, stay home during that time and you don't need to have an extra room (your guest will take photos from your balcony/living room).

Not sure if your view is worthy? Photographers are constantly looking for new angles and trying to get unique perspectives. Therefore if you think you have a nice view from your window (or balcony) - there is a high chance that some photographers will find it interesting too. It doesn’t necessarily need to be high above the city. Looking straight at the famous square or bridge for example? Is there another building close to yours? That is worthy too! Even a big intersection or a train station are potentially nice timelapse view locations.

It’s free to register and to add your view, so what are you waiting for?

Step 1

Register yourself and add your view

Step 2

When guests sends you a viewing request - check if requested day and time suits you and accept or decline the request

Step 3

Welcome your guests and let them take photos of the view from your apartment

Are you an architecture/cityscape photographer? Looking for new angles? Find an interesting view on RenTheView, send a booking request and whenever the host accepts - you are ready to go. On the requested date and time, visit the apartment with your dream view, and take amazing cityscape photos.

This is the platform for photographers to find new places to take photos from.

Are you bored seeing photos taken in your city looking all similar? When every photographer is limited to the same publicly available viewing towers/teraccess it’s hard to stand out and take great cityscape photos. RenTheView is here to help you out! You can book access to places with skyline view on an hourly basis. Such as from a high skyscraper or a view looking directly at a landmark, or a cool new place to make a timelapse.

As a photographer, you will be able to request a viewing at any of the hosts available for a time and date of your choice. Once the host accepts and payment is complete, all you need to do is pack your gear, visit the apartment with the view you picked and take amazing photos.

Remember, you will visit private apartments and the host will stay at home during this time. Your booked time slot is purely for you to set up your photography equipment, take photos and enjoy the view in the meantime.

Step 1

Register yourself and search for an interesting view

Step 2

Choose the date, time and how many hours you would like to stay. Send a viewing request and wait for the approval from the host.

Step 3

On the chosen date and time - visit host apartment and take amazing photos of his view.